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About Ombudsman Arizona Charter Schools

Ombudsman Educational Services opened its first Ombudsman Arizona charter school in Phoenix in 1996. Since then, we have grown to seven schools in Phoenix and Tucson – and helped more than 2,500 students graduate from high school.

Students participate in one-on-one and small group learning and are supported by counselors, social workers and others who can help them reach their full potential.  Students can enroll in any location that’s convenient, and there’s no cost at attend.

Ombudsman is accredited by Cognia, an international education accrediting organization, and is sponsored by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools.

Ombudsman is part of ChanceLight® Behavioral Health, Therapy and Education, the nation’s leading provider of behavioral health, therapy and education solutions for children and young adults. ChanceLight works with more than 14,000 clients and students nationwide.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Ombudsman Charter School Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide personalized, evidence-based educational services for non-traditional learners in collaboration with families and public school districts. We offer educational programs and related services to students in one or more of the following categories: Students with behavioral issues, students identified as dropouts, students with poor academic standing, students with adult responsibilities and adjudicated youth.

Ombudsman Charter School Vision Statement

We believe all students have value, can learn and can develop their inherent talents to become contributing members of society.

Ombudsman Charter School Core Foundation

Ombudsman helps students establish a foundation of success they can build upon for the future. Students and teachers focus on building positive relationships that are vital for promoting high levels of academic, social and behavioral growth.

Family/Student Enrollment Inquiries | Tucson: (520) 447-0210 | Phoenix: (602) 317-0837

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