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Activities & Clubs

We have a number of after-school activities for students to enjoy:


For Gamers

  • Game Club

Wednesday 4:30 PM-6:00 PM  

Students gather after school once a week to play their game consoles and hold healthy competitions with each other. The club sponsors two consoles and the students usually bring one or two more. Games are provided for students to have fun and enjoy time with friends. All students are invited, great behavior and sportsmanship is expected.


  • E-Sports Club

Students meet after school once a week to play e-sports against other people online.

For Musicians

Music Club

Thursday 4:30 PM-6:00 PM 

The Music Club meets once a week to explore writing, performing, singing, and learning about music. Students can bring their instruments or use the two keyboards, a guitar, an amplifier, a speaker and a microphone we provide. We also provide space and computers for students who want to write music or research music topics.

For Journalists

School News Club

Students meet once a month to plan what they will be reporting and photographing for publication in the school newsletter.

For Students Who Want Leadership Opportunities

Student Council

An elected president, vice president, secretary and treasurer work with the outreach coordinator to organize student activities, such as a “Cancer Support” event and spirit week. Council members also help organize school events, set up career fair booths, and welcome visitors, vendors and presenters.

For Human Rights Activists

LGBT Support Group

Students gather to lead conversations about topics they choose, or to simply enjoy friendship and laughter. Everyone who’s supportive of the group is welcome to attend the monthly meetings.

For Performers

Talent Show

Students audition to perform in a talent show for fellow students and parents. Awards are presented based on voting by a panel of judges.

For Artists

Art Club

Tuesday 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Art Club will focus on sketching first semester. Students may bring their sketch books or use those provided by the school. Sketching pencils and beginner drawing books will be provided for students to learn basic drawing and sketching. Students can also use the computers to research different techniques or find images they would like to draw. It’s a great place to learn to draw, practice your current skills, and help beginner students with new techniques.

* Fitness Club is being developed.



C-Tech is a vocational education program that offers nationally recognized, stackable certifications in various digital infrastructure related career fields.  C-Tech has been providing training since 1993 and boasts a 98% completion rate and a 90% certification rate for its courses.   C-Tech offers career placement services for graduates of its programs.  Students who complete certifications are equipped to step into well paid skilled labor positions immediately after High School.  In addition to providing certification, the courses have cross-curricular components that align with standards in Math, English and Science curriculum.   The courses are designed to be taught in a specific order. Students must meet criteria and have Principal/Teacher recommendation to participate.  Students must take C Tech outside of regularly scheduled hours.



To learn more about our C-Tech program click here.

VIP, Red Carpet Awards Night

Staff and students dress in eveningwear, walk a red carpet and are received by an usher at this invitation-only event recognizing graduates and students who receive awards at the end of the semester. The celebration includes catered food, entertainment by student talent show winners and staff, and presentation of awards.

After-School Tutoring

After-school tutoring is scheduled near the end of each quarter. Students can also ask to schedule one-on-one time with any teacher at any time so they can catch up on work.

Math Marathon

The math teacher reviews every lesson covered during the quarter for students who spend a half-day one Saturday each quarter to work through the lessons together, write notes, and retake quizzes and exams. All students are welcome to attend, whether they’re struggling or just want to improve their grade. Food, snacks, and drinks are provided.

Study Under the Stars

School is open late two days a week during the last two weeks of the semester so students can use the computer labs and catch up on their classes.

College and Career Fairs

Students explore information from different colleges and employers to help them plan for life after graduation.

Kaity's Way Presentation

Students and staff enjoyed pizza while listening to guest speaker Bobbi Sudberry from Kaity’s Way about teen dating violence. Kaity’s Story is a true, impactful, and compelling story that brings to light the warning signs of Teen Dating Violence (TDV) and what lessons can be learned to prevent such tragedy for others.

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