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C-Tech Program

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Phoenix is the top-paying metropolitan area in the nation for home electronics entertainment equipment installation and repair.

Students enrolled in Ombudsman Charter Metro School in Glendale now have the opportunity to become certified in home entertainment, network cabling and other sectors within the telecommunications industry through a partnership with C-Tech Associates, a national leader in the development of educational programs and patented training aids.

Nationally recognized for its 90% networking certification rate, C-Tech has trained and certified more than 45,000 students, many with multiple certifications. C-Tech’s award-winning, customized programs emphasize a cross-curricular approach that incorporates math, science, language arts and history.

With no more than ten students per session, the courses provide personalized instruction from C-Tech trainers. After completion of the certification curriculum, C-Tech offers job placement services and personal development assistance through its educational Tech-Talks series.

Ombudsman Charter is excited to offer another path for career development that provides our students with additional job options.

Contact your principal to apply for the program.

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