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Letter from the Principal

Mrs. Jessica De La Cruz

Dear Ombudsman Charter Northwest Parents and Students,


Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!  I for one am thrilled as it will be my 5th year as Principal of Ombudsman Charter Northwest.  I am honored to serve our students and families for another year.  We are excited to see all our new and returning students on our first day of school, August 16, 2021.

We welcome this school year determined to inspire our students to achieve their educational goals.  Our teachers are here to influence our students to think positively about themselves and their abilities.  Charter Northwest focuses on a “Growth Mindset” giving our student’s the opportunity to feel like they can grow and learn through hard work and determination.

The last part of our Ombudsman mission states that we provide educational services…. “In collaboration with families and school districts”.  We welcome you to continue to partner in the education of our students.  We all play an important role in our student’s success.

As we dive into this school year, please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding any thoughts or concerns you have about our learning community.  Together we will grow academically leading to the celebration of our student’s accomplishments.  It will be a great year and I am glad you are part of the journey.


Educationally Yours,

Mrs. Jessica De La Cruz,

Principal of Ombudsman Charter Northwest

Phone: 623-878-4503

Email: jdelacruz@ombudsman.com

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