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Activities & Clubs

We have a number of after-school activities for students to enjoy:


For Journalists

Newsletter Club

Students meet throughout the month to plan what they will be reporting and photographing for publication in the school newsletter.

For book Worms

Book Club

For Those Seeking Professional Development

Professional Development Club

Monday February 12, 2018 was the first CPR and First Aide Certification Course.

Student Leadership

Student Council

Students have the opportunity to be elected into leadership positions and work hand in hand with school staff to establish school procedures and events for all students.



C-Tech is a vocational education program that offers nationally recognized, stackable certifications in various digital infrastructure related career fields.  C-Tech has been providing training since 1993 and boasts a 98% completion rate and a 90% certification rate for its courses.   C-Tech offers career placement services for graduates of its programs.  Students who complete certifications are equipped to step into well paid skilled labor positions immediately after High School.  In addition to providing certification, the courses have cross-curricular components that align with standards in Math, English and Science curriculum.   The courses are designed to be taught in a specific order. Students must meet criteria and have Principal/Teacher recommendation to participate.  Students must take C Tech outside of regularly scheduled hours.



To learn more about our C-Tech program click here.

Student of the Month

November 2017 Students of the Month

Mackenzie Villaverde & Loren Golaway

Parent's and Student's Award Night 2018


Valley View Community Food Bank 2017

Valley View Community Food Bank Turkey Donation 2017

Thank you to Valley View Community Food bank for giving Charter Northwest Students the opportunity to serve the community with their volunteer and donating services.

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