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Letter from the Principal

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Patricia Wood, Principal

Welcome Back!


The 2019-2020 school year is shaping up to be an outstanding year and we can hardly wait to get started. As always, our number one goal is safety and security and we have some additional polices in place this year to support that initiative. Our number one focus is student success and transition. Not only do we want all students to earn their high school diploma we also want them prepared to meet their next challenges. In this effort, we are increasing our transition opportunities through industry certifications and internships as well as dual enrollment credits at Pima Community College and JTED. High School graduation is not the final step; it is the first step. Without a HS diploma expect to make $25,000 or less per year. With a HS diploma you will average $35,000 and with an Associates (2 years at Pima) $41,000.


Before we tell you what’s new, let’s highlight a few of last year’s achievements and our goals for this year.


  • Last year’s graduation class saw 89 students receive their diplomas. This is up from 53 graduates in 2017 and 73 in 2018. Our goal for 2020 is 100 graduates!
  • We began an industry internship program with six graduates placed in the Fall and six current students in the Spring. This year we hope to double this number.
  • C-Tech students completed 53 industry certifications at three different levels of mastery. In 2020 we will be adding internships with communications companies for students who have completed the sequence of courses.


New this year!


  • Phone Policy 4 Progress: Research shows cell phones trigger the same dopamine pathways in the brain as alcohol, gambling and drugs. Social Media access has been a major contributor to behavioral issues, lack of course completion and classroom disruptions. This year student phones will be collected at the start of each session (7:30 and 12:00) and returned at the end (11:30 and 4:00). Phones will be secured in a locked ‘faculty access only’ room. Make sure to let families, friends and employers know students will not have a phone during their session. Phones will be available for students to make calls in the front office if the need arises. Parent’s emergency access to students is always available through our front office number (520-573-5858).
  • ASE {Automotive Service Excellence) industry certification course will be available for students wishing to enter the field of Automotive Technologies. The course is free, and students can earn an internship working with Master Technicians at local dealerships in the Spring applying the knowledge they learned in the classroom.
  • New Internship opportunities will be available in the Medical, Business, Culinary Arts and
  • Dual Enrollment opportunities with Pima Community College and JTED are in the works.


Don’t forget our Back to School Kick-Off on Thursday, August 8th from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.


Welcome to the 2019-2020 School year. It is going to be great!





Patricia Z Wood, Proud Principal
Charter Valencia & Hiaki Member Campus



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