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Activities & Clubs

We have a number of in-school and after-school activities for students to enjoy:


Sports Clubs


2018 Volleyball Team


First Home Basketball Game 2017



C-Tech is a vocational education program that offers nationally recognized, stackable certifications in various digital infrastructure related career fields.  C-Tech has been providing training since 1993 and boasts a 98% completion rate and a 90% certification rate for its courses.   C-Tech offers career placement services for graduates of its programs.  Students who complete certifications are equipped to step into well paid skilled labor positions immediately after High School.  In addition to providing certification, the courses have cross-curricular components that align with standards in Math, English and Science curriculum.   The courses are designed to be taught in a specific order. Students must meet criteria and have Principal/Teacher recommendation to participate.  Students must take C Tech outside of regularly scheduled hours.



To learn more about our C-Tech program click here.

Hiaki Member Campus Cooking Class 2017

Students made Chicken Pitas and Apple Wraps. 

Hiaki Member Campus Senior Writing Exercise 2017

Raffle Wheel Student Rewards 2017

Students who attended school on November 22, 2017 and showed up on time were rewarded using the Valencia Raffle Wheel.

3 C Presentation Series 2017

Over 90 students attended our 3 C (College, Career & Community) Presentation Series yesterday. 3 Representatives from Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services (TOPS) who’s mission is to “educate and empower the youth and young families in our community so they can make informed, healthy decisions” provided our students with engaging and interactive activities to educate them about healthy relationships.

Holiday Geometry 2017

Resume Writing Workshop 2017

Students at Charter Valencia & Hiaki High School will benefit from attending this very informational Resume Writing Workshop that was presented by Tim Kennedy from Tucson Youth Development, who we have been partnering with for the past 3 years.

Digital Learning Day 2017

Students participating in the the Digital Learning Day Coding Challenge. Winner received a tablet.

JAG Echelon Visit 2017

JAG students visited the Echelon housing complex to work with Seniors in their home community. Other seniors who may have been unsure of working with ‘teenagers’ got to experience first hand the inter-generation conversations and observe the tech lesson the students provided. All the students left with a job application form!

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