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Career/Post Secondary Support

College and Career Planning

We will help prepare you for wherever life takes you once you leave Ombudsman. We support the goals of all students, and we help them explore opportunities so they can develop plans for life after graduation.

At orientation, students are introduced to the Arizona Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP). ECAP charts academic and career goals and offers activities to support college and career goals. Students and their families receive a monthly planner to prepare for – and complete – milestones such as registering for the ACT.

Our college and career coordinators help students learn how to set and achieve goals, to keep going in courses they might find tough, and to build positive relationships with adults. Coordinators also help students identify and apply for scholarships and navigate the financial aid process.

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Arizona Graduation Requirements

You must be enrolled in high school as a full-time student for a minimum of eight semesters and must earn the required amount of credits (see the chart below). Specific courses may be required in certain subject areas.

English4 credits
Math4 credits
Science3 credits
CTE/Fine Art1 credit
Electives7 credits
Total Credits required for Graduation 22 Credits

Going to College?

If you’re interested in going to college, including a competitive one, you should take the courses recommended by CollegeBoard:

DomainCollege BoundCompetitive College
English4 years of English, including American and English Literature.4 years of English, including American and English Literature.
MathAlgebra, Geometry, Algebra IIAlgebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry and/or Calculus.
ScienceBiology, Earth/Space Science,

Physical Science

Biology, Earth/Space Science,

Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Biology, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Physics.

Social StudiesUS History, US Government,

World History or Geography,

additional course

US History, US Government,

World History or Geography,

additional course

Fine Arts/CTE1 year2 years or cluster completion

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