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Letter from the Principal

Welcome to Charter West 2018/2019 School Year!

Steve Myers, Principal


Dear Student’s, Parent’s, and Guardians-

Once again, my favorite day of year is fast approaching, the first day of a new school year. Our Charter West team is very excited about the incredible possibilities this school year holds for all our students. During the summer months we have worked diligently to improve our school, our learning processes, and our overall school climate.

We have added three new amazing staff to our Charter West family. Ms. Janine Barbour will be teaching English Language Arts, Ms. Onica Wright will be facilitating the learning in one of computer labs, and Ms. Stacy Thibado has joined our team as our graduate intern. Please take time to stop by our school and meet our new staff.

As a team we have identified four focus areas for school wide improvement for this school year. They are: Increased Student Engagement, High Quality Lesson Planning & Instruction, Improved Classroom Management, and Developing a Growth Mindset in our staff and our students. Combined these four focus areas of improvement will guide every facet of our decision making, continual training, and even how we utilize our limited budget resources during the 2018/2019 school year.

Ombudsman has also improved our student incentives program. Every student who is in attendance on the first day of school August 15, 2018 and who has 80% or higher attendance, zero behavior referrals, and who completes all their first semester courses with a C or higher grade will be able to choose either a student laptop or a trip to Six Flags in California.

Our most important goal this school year is always serve the needs of your student to the fullest of our collective ability.

This is Going to be A Great Year!


Steve Myers, Charter West Principal

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