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Letter from the Principal

Hello Charter West Family,


We are very excited about the 2017/2018 school year and the many opportunities we are going to have to serve your student’s learning needs. We are all committed to seeing your student earn their high school diploma through our organization and develop the skills necessary to excel in their adult lives.

Throughout this school year our Charter West team and I will be evaluating our internal school systems and process to ensure we are providing the world class educational services your student deserves and to make positive improvements where necessary. We will communicate planned improvements to our students and parents through periodic newsletters and informational documents placed in our school’s information center, just inside our main door.

Our parent, teacher, student advisory organization (PTSO) is in the initial development phase but we will be holding monthly meetings beginning in August. Everyone is encouraged to help support our students and partner with us in developing and improving our school through our PTSO advisory organization.

Please come speak to me anytime you have an issue, concern, or question regarding your student. Our Charter West team and I are here to serve you and your student so everyone of our parents and guardians can experience the joy of watching their student receive their high school diploma.




Stephen Myers, Ombudsman Charter West School Principal



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