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Letter from the Principal

T. Garretson (Ms. G.)

August 2021

Dear Students & Families:

We are excited to offer students this new online opportunity.  We are looking forward to this school year and growing our presence in Chandler and across the valley.  At the Ombudsman Online Academy our motto is, “Choice, not circumstance, determines your success”.  We believe that with this online option, there are no limits to what a student can accomplish towards their high school diploma.

Our staff is dedicated to helping students succeed in their courses and graduate!  All students have a mentor teacher that helps them stay on track with coursework and their graduation goals.  Our certified teachers continue to improve their craft through various educational programs and as Microsoft Innovative Educators.

Our program offers various levels of support to our online students.  A student can reach a teacher by email, chat, Teams meeting, phone, and in-person tutoring at any of our locations.  Attendance and productivity are key elements for success in our Online Academy.  Students are required to work on their courses for at least 20 hours a week.  However, the possibilities are endless with the ability to work on courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Online Academy will communicate with our families through emails, a monthly newsletter, and Teams posts directly to students.  Every student is welcome to come into our drop-in site located in Chandler to work with staff, access our internet, and receive small group instruction.

Our goal is to connect with our students and families, collaborate with students and the community to achieve academic and personal goals, and graduate our students!  We are happy to welcome you to Ombudsman Online Academy.



T. Garretson (Ms. G.)

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