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Student Services

Special Education

We want our students with disabilities to be successful in the classroom with their peers.  When students need specialized instruction or related services supports, we are able to provide services to help them make progress in their educational program.  For more information, please contact our Special Education Department at 602-840-2997.

Truancy Prevention

Being in school on a daily basis is necessary to meet education goals- like graduation. Ombudsman offers programs that promote consistent attendance and address truancy and chronic absenteeism. Please contact your school for more information.

English Language Learners

We are privileged to be of service to students from several different language groups and with various levels of English proficiency. Our focus is to build language skills for limited English-proficient students while offering support as learners acquire knowledge in the content areas. For more information, please contact our English Language Coordinator at 602-840-2997.


Ombudsman works with all students, regardless of individual differences, to acquire the academic and personal/social foundations necessary to positively contribute to a changing society. Our schools provide resources to help students to participate fully in the educational process. Please contact your school for more information.

Family/Student Enrollment Inquiries | Tucson: (520) 447-0210 | Phoenix: (602) 317-0837

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