The safety of our students and staff is our top priority – as is our commitment to continuing to provide a quality alternative education experience for every one of our students.

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Ombudsman Student Commitment

We’re happy you’re joining the Ombudsman family! So you know what to expect, here’s information about the commitments we make to each other to help you be successful.

Together, we agree to honor the following commitments:

Commitment of the School

  • Treat every student with dignity and respect
  • Believe that every student can be successful
  • Acknowledge that parents are vital to your success
  • Provide learning experiences that meet your needs
  • Provide a challenging curriculum that meets
    Arizona state guidelines
  • Provide progress reports and report cards to your parents/guardians
  • Provide a school climate free of violence
  • Provide opportunity for you to graduate
  • Help you plan and prepare for life after high school
  • Provide specific policies on attendance, grading, graduation, cell phone use, conduct and school safety

Commitment of the Parent/Guardian

  • Send my student to school regularly and on time
  • Attend a minimum of one parent/teacher
    conference per year
  • Expect my child to be responsible for his or her behavior
  • Regularly monitor my student’s progress in school
  • Participate in two-way communication with the school
  • Respect the school, staff and families
  • Provide encouragement
  • Understand student graduation requirements, including attendance and reading level expectations
  • Read and agree with the specific school policies about attendance, grading, graduation, cell phone use, student conduct and school safety

Commitment of the Student

  • Arrive at school each day and on time unless excused by a parent, doctor’s note, or court paperwork
  • Dress appropriately, wearing clothing that’s free of any sign of gang affiliation
  • Attend school every day and be ready to learn
  • Obey the school rules, including posted policies for using your cell phone, the internet, wearing hats or drinking or eating in school
  • Practice safety toward yourself and others
  • Respect the rights of your fellow students and school personnel
  • Respect the school and community property
  • Follow all school rules as well as city, state and
    federal laws
  • Be responsible for completing daily assignments and meeting graduation requirements
  • Participate in extra opportunity programs and activities to help prepare and plan for life after high school
  • Follow specific school policies about attendance, grading, graduation, cell phone use, student conduct and school safety

As our vision states, we believe it is possible for our students to achieve success, we look forward to helping you get there.

We believe all students have value, can learn and can develop their inherent talents to become contributing members of society.