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To meet the needs of our students as they prepare for life after graduation, Ombudsman Educational Services is proud to offer the programs below in addition to other student incentive programs.

C-TECH logo - a white cityscape on a blue background with the letters C-TECH above the city with a circle enscribed behind the city, surrounding the words

C-Tech (certified technician) is a vocational program that offers nationally recognized telecommunications and networking certifications. Certified students are equipped to step into well paid skilled labor positions immediately after graduation. Learn more.
Ryan Stouffer

NHA Logo

Glendale students have the opportunity to earn NHA certification through the National Healthcare Association in today’s leading health care opportunities. Charter Metro is also an NHA testing site.
Dr. Doris Klein 

SER logo - a stylized blue S E Z with a tiled/pixel pattern in various colors of blue

Tucson students can participate in the SER – Jobs for Progress program providing academic credit through intern-based learning opportunities with local business partners. Successful students will also earn ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certifications.
Patricia Wood

Ombudsman Educational Services mark - two isosceles triangles, one dark maroon one pointing left and one red triangle pointing right

CARES program (Connecting and Advocating for Resilience and Educational Success) will connect students with social workers to ensure they are equipped with the personal and emotional tools necessary for success.
Tarinda Craglow

Microsoft Office Specialist badge

Students will have the opportunity to earn academic credits while working towards proficiency in Microsoft Office Programs.
Proficient students will earn globally recognized certification(s) placing them ahead of peers in the workforce.
Finn McLaughlin

Microsoft Certified MIE logo

Preparing students for tomorrow requires teachers that provide opportunities for students to showcase skills. The AZ MIE Innovators program encourages staff 21st century development through Microsoft trainings and each quarter recognizes educators who are going above and beyond for their students.
Michael Goto

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